The Heavenly Trinity And Earthly Trinity


Evolutionary distortions of the Creator’s reality do not end with nature. They extend to social systems like family, labor, state,church, God and man and community, so says Focus on the Family’s, Truth Project teacher, Dell Tackett.

Lies attacking God’s reality can be found in the above social structiures. Satan seeks to steal human unity, personal peace and fruitfulness. Satan comes in on the wings of a lie. The remedy is to expose it! Remove people’s blinders.

Tackett reminds us that God’s order extends to His created beings. There can be no earthly without community order. Tackett sees the God the Father >>>>>Jesus the Son>>>>Holy Spirit trinity as hopefully reflected in the trinitarian family order:

Husband >>>>Wife >>>>children. Is this a coincidence?

“For the Father loves the Son . .  ” (Jn 5.20a NAS). >>> “Husbands love your wives. . . ” (Eph 5.25 NAS). Families should affirm, reflect and advertise the heavenly Trinity!

Also Jesus said in John 17.4 NAS: “I glorified Thee on the earth.” It seems like a positive dynamic for Jesus to glorify, to honor, His Father.

Jesus said: “I do not seek my own will but the will of Him who sent me.” (Jn 5.30 NAS).

“as my Father hath taught me I speak.” (Jn 8.28). We sense no tension or resentment in these and similar verses.

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.” (Eph 6.1 NAS).

Dell Tackett asks if the submission of  Jesus the Son and Holy Spirit to the Father was a positive or negative thing? Of course it was positive. They have the same essence. Three persons with one essence not three essences in one person.

So submission in human social systems should be positive not negative. In the family the enemy has gotten in and made submission to the husband a resented, negative thing. This is Satan’s lie deeply attacking the family. Submission and authority have become fighting words, negative. Many are affected and infected. Homes wrecked. Peace replaced by strife.

Husbands and wives need to really think this through today. Certainly premarital counseling and couples should address it openly. Lies steal God’s truth. Lies bring resentment and subchristian expectations into marriages.

Every marriage should reflect the Trinity – in purity, in harmony, in love.

Churches and believers do well to attend Tackett’s Truth Project conferences and watch his DVDs.

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